Afin de mieux comprendre le potentiel des solutions proposées, les cas d’usage ci-dessous peuvent être consultés pour avoir une idée de la manière dont un problème concret peut être traité à l'aide des solutions logicielles d'analyse de contenu vidéo de Two-i.

protection d'animaux contre les attaques PROTECTION de vos animaux contre les attaques
protection de locaux contre les intrusions PROTECTION de vos locaux contre les intrusions
gestion du coronavirus : détection de masques et contrôle de densité GESTION du coronavirus : masques et densité


To have control over a specified territory, AI-based solutions may be useful.

VisioMind can be used as an anti-intrusion system in already existing networks containing up to 20 cameras.

It will be suitable for small territories such as private properties or offices. Vigilance can be used in more complex existing infrastructures and offers features scalable to the needs of the user.

City management can imply challenges such as environmental sustainability, pedestrian safety and traffic control.

Because it can detect objects, their movements and direction violation, Vigilance is suitable for road safety.

Depending on the needs of the city, it can be used to assess the impact of measures taken against criminality or in waste management.

Two-i solution Vigilance can handle crowd management to ensure people’s safety and comfort.

It provides analytics concerning demographics and emotions, which can be used to identify zones of wellbeing.

By identifying zones of wellbeing while helping reduce criminality, Vigilance can attract tourists or newcomers and benefit the local economy.

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