Two-i tech platform allows users to have everything they need in one place, whether the features and functions were built by Two-i or by one of their technology partners.

The purpose of such a platform is to expand the level of exhaustiveness by including not only image processing power, but also adding audio and advanced analytics like sensor analysis and prediction tools.

This platform is currently under development. If you’re interested in partnering with us or want to know more about the progress of the development, contact us or follow us on social media.

Two-i video content analytics solution



The Live page is a real-time notification and alert system. It allows the user to set up custom criteria for triggering the alerts or notifications and choose the zone(s) of interest.

A zone can refer to a spot in an image frame or to the field of vision of one or several camera(s). The alerts can also be sorted according to risk levels, cameras, zones and time frames.

The Stats page enables data aggregation and analysis through space and time. It enables the user to choose the data that are relevant to them (according to demographic criteria, for instance).

The algorithms are in continuous operation, therefore the user can have access to all the available statistics whenever they need them.

The Map page is a cartographic geolocation display system. It offers a visualization of the Live alert system as well as an elaborate statistical representation of large territories such as metropolises.

As soon as a substantive event occurs, a virtual billboard appears, specifying the alert type and the exact place where the event occurred.

The Search page is a video search system, which processes already existing video footages and enables the user to extract the elements they are looking for (object type or specific colour, for instance).

It allows the user to save a tremendous amount of time when looking for a specific element in video footages that last hours or days.


VigilanceVisioMind Backtester

Vigilance is a comprehensive video content analytics software solution that is packed with the most complex algorithms, data collection, analysis, and display options.

This software solution has been specifically designed for safety, connectivity, and proactivity of the nowadays cities, facilitating issue solving from road & waste management to benchmarking the wellbeing levels of the territories.

Vigilance has been designed to collect and aggregate results from multiple geographically based locations on one screen for the most relevant and informed decision-making.

VisioMind is an autonomous real-time video analysis and alert system designed to detect and report intrusions.

This solution allows the users to secure their perimeter / territory / premises by connecting the software to an already existing camera infrastructure and setting up custom alerts to resolve relevant issues.

The users have a full control over the kind of information they receive and how often they want to receive it. The solution is processing and analysing all video footage in real-time. Therefore, all alert notifications are instant.

Backtester is a software to process and analyse previously recorded video footage to locate and display elements or activity in demand.

This software solution allows users to upload video footage, determine relevant search criteria, and receive the result almost instantly. This is an efficient time-saving tool in the situations when the time is of the essence.

The users of Backtester have full access to the library of detections and extensive analytics functions, including result image display, and report generation.

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