G7 security with behm and two-i

What strategy do event organizers adopt when it comes to security? It can really become an issue if high profile events are not most often on your schedule. First, you may not know where to start, secondly, even if you know – the costs are high in build and maintaining such an infrastructure.

So how do you address these issues? The solution is a mobile Security Gates, which are equipped with latest technology, including face recognition, crowd analytics and more.

Behm Mobil Security

The Mobil Security is a transportable access control gate developed by BEHM, a French company based in Thionville. Intended for crowd control (1500 people per hour with 4 agents), Mobil security is increasingly used for events, such as the G7 – 2019 in Metz. The purpose is to provide security teams with a practical solution for easy transportation and installation of additional security force.

Here are some of the features of Behm Mobil Security:

  • Electromagnetic shielding ensured by the unique design of the framework
  • Thermal insulation by composite panel from 50 to 80mm (partitions/roof)
  • High-quality non-slip floor
  • Includes cameras and VCA technology, for face recognition and crowd analysis.

Behm and Two-i collaboration

video analytics software in access control gate

Since the beginning of this year, the Mobil Security has been equipped with HD cameras connected to Two-i’s video analysis system. This collaboration gives security agents significant advantage by allowing them to focus on what’s important. Here’s what’s included :

  • Real-time and tailor-made alerts
  • Detection of suspicious objects
  • Demographic analysis of the crowd (age, gender, emotions, counting)
  • Ensure priority access for People with Reduced Mobility.

This increases the effectiveness of surveillance teams. Indeed, video analysis makes it possible to compensate for the decrease in human attention, which was highlighted by a Mackworth research that human vigilance decreases sharply after 30 minutes of attention and detection errors increase by 10% to 15%.

These new tools therefore provide effective support to security agents, who are immediately notified in the event of an alert. In addition, the organizers benefit from detailed statistics that complies with privacy respecting regulation.

Who is it for ?

The product is perfect for event organizers who want an efficient and complete security solution without altering current infrastructure or if it’s a one-off event that needs to be extra secured. This also is an excellent solution for surveillance and security teams who need to move their security portals often without compromising the quality of services.



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