Two-i tech is a computer vision driven technology that has been designed to provide video content analysis (or VCA) specialised solutions.

VCA is a highly complex process of automatically analysing videos to detect and determine temporal and spatial events, identify, provide behavior analysis and other forms of situation awareness.

One of the most popular VCA technology applications is used for video-protection in the security industry. This application is one of the most challenged as well due to potential privacy implications.

Being a European tech company, Two-i has been built with strong foundation in protecting privacy while providing solution that enhances the security.

two-i video content analytics technology


Custom Detections

Two-i algorithms are fully customizable, from selecting the type of detection and its features to controlling the sensitivity of the algorithms.

By default, Two-i solutions are packed with number of valuable options, but in case you cannot find what you are looking for, we can create specific algorithms just for you.

Features analysis

Detecting and identifying elements in the video footage is only the basic function within Two-i software solutions.

It also allows users to extract more detailed information such as colours, emotions, body positions, age, gender, and more.

Scene analysis

Once the element of interest has been determined, Two-i solution guides you through even more detailed analysis settings, such as specifying the region of interest.

This set of functions, allows users to specify the expected or forbidden environmental changes, such as persistent or abandoned object, forbidden zone entry or exit.

Activity analysis

Once the element(s) and environmental area(s) of interest have been determined Two-i solutions guides you to go even further and choose an activity analysis.

The activity analysis can trigger alerts on motion detections, line-crossing, direction indications or direction violations.

Measurement analysis

After the element(s), zone(s), activity levels, and all other settings have been determined, Two-i solutions gives you more.

The set of counting options, such as alerts on reaching minimum or maximum element count number, element density in the area or a specific zone, counting directional line-crossing and more.


Two-i technology and software solutions have a wide range of applications. Therefore, we made a list of actual applications currently in place by our clients. This three-part small questionnaire should be able to assist you in identifying if/how we can help you.


Solution proposed : VisioMind

An autonomous real-time video analysis and alert system designed to detect and report intrusions.

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