road trafic management with drone and video content analytics

Recently, road traffic control tools have been exported to the sky. Due to their mobility, drones are increasingly spreading trend in the traffic management industry. Equipped with an on-board camera and linked to video analysis tools, they are involved in the road traffic control. Here we’ll try to answer the questions, who is it for; what are the benefits; and how does it work.

Drone video feed processing

In a stationary position above the roads, equipped with an IP camera, the drone records the flow of vehicles. The user of the video analysis interface can allows the algorithms to count the number of times a vehicle crossed an imaginary line. Though this is just an example of one variable. This kind of analytics can be even more detailed and multi-conditional, for example the user can select the type of vehicle they’re interested, the colour and maybe even the driving speed limit. The fact that the data being processed live, allows to react and / or make decisions instantly.

Flexibility and economics of the combination

road trafic management with drone

Compared to the fixed CCTV cameras, drones IP cameras have the advantage of being mobile, and therefore easily deployable from one area to another. Though, it does involve having a certified drone pilot to control it. Despite all that, it is still much more convenient and cheaper process rather than installing, uninstalling and reinstalling CCTV cameras, specially for the tasks that are intended to last only a few days.

In addition, unlike helicopters, tethered drones have infinite autonomy, as they’re connected to the long power cables and their energy consumption is considerably lower. Therefore this combination makes it possible to carry out a road traffic analysis at a lower cost, in both the long and short term. The adaptability of Two-i Video Content Analytics software allows to connect to any IP camera and provide statistics based on the needs of the users.

Advancement in road traffic management

trafic analysis with drone

By analysing the spatial and temporal distribution of traffic, it is possible to draw up a plan for redesigning roads and redirecting vehicles. By collecting statistics in strategic locations, it is possible to reduce or even respond to the problems of today’s cities: reducing traffic jams, pollution, stress at the wheel and improving general wellbeing. A new tool for smart cities, which can be of interest to cities seeking the title of the happiest city in the world.



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