stadium security with video analysis

France has been selected to host 2024 Olympic Games here in Paris. Following this exciting news, the CSF (Comités Stratégiques de Filière) for Security Industries have organised the Call inviting security industry professionals to showcase their latest innovations in 3 main areas: access gate control, venue security, and crisis management.

The main goal of this Call was to identify and certify the best security solution providers for big event, including Olympic Games.

We are very proud to announce that our collaboration with Behm on the Mobil Security product has been selected and certified by the Strategic Security Industry Committee.

Security and a step forward

The Mobil Security is a transportable access control gate solution. It is an easy to install, economical and is fitted with the best quality equipment, such as:

  • Electromagnetic shielding ensured by the unique design of the frame and thermal insulation with composite panel;
  • X-ray scanners and metal detectors;
  • Equipped with cameras connected to the video content analytics (VCA) software.

To secure high-volume events, this unique configuration of Behm’s Mobil Security has been designed to control 1500 people per hour with only 4 agents.

The Mobil Security is integrated with Two-i VCA technology, enabling security agents’ faster reaction time dealing with high volume crowds and preventing overcrowding. Being able to see a global overview of the complete Mobil Security gate network in the venue to ease crowd flow and even the distribution. Customising live notification system to reduce queuing time for people with reduced mobility and people with children.

Our Technology provides global analytics overview, displays geolocations of the Mobil Security gate with direct links to the cameras’ feed and customisable live alerts system. The aim is to allows the security officers not only provide security, but also a stress-free experience for the event visitors.



Milipol Paris is the world’s leading event on Homeland Security and Safety, organized under the aegis of the French Ministry of the Interior in partnership...

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