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Two-i Well-being’s fundamental value is to help increase overall well-being in the communities and helping to create pleasant emotions as much as possible. We care for people and their well-being. We are therefore creating tools which help to improve communication, visiting experience, and enhance abilities for empathy.
Human Resources
Controlling one’s communication is a daily necessity, especially when in a meeting. People mostly express themselves visually rather than verbally. Facial mimics often say a lot more than an inexperienced eye can catch.​​​​​​​
We raised a question: Is it possible to draw an emotional map of touristic places to improve the experience? The answer is yes! A new urban design can be developed not only around economic criteria but also around the notion of well-being. The goal can be to keep or increase current level of positive well-being or create a new wave of positive emotions in the area you think is lacking.
Emotions, especially such as feeling comfort or pain are mostly expressed through facial movement. Based on the leading studies, specifically applied to some pathologies, made-to-measure algorithms are being developed. These algorithms can be a useful and additional tool available for healthcare professionals to use.

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