two-i wins milipol innovation awards in safe and smart city category

Milipol Paris is the world’s leading event on Homeland Security and Safety, organized under the aegis of the French Ministry of the Interior in partnership with several government institutions. The latest technological innovations in the field are presented in order to effectively meet the needs of the sector and the various threats.

The MILIPOL Innovation Awards acclaim the most innovative players in 5 security related sectors: Crisis Management | Cybersecurity | Drone & Antidrone systems, Robotics | Individual Equipment / first responders protection | Safe & Smart Cities.

The winners in the Safe and Smart Cities category

2019 Milipol Innovation Awards has nominated top 3 finalist in the Smart and Safe Cities category: FortifyIQ, FujiFilm and Two-i. After having such strong companies to compete against, we are proud to announce that Two-i with its Two-i VCA product has been chosen as the most innovative solution of the year in the Safe and Smart Cities category.

Two-i VCA is a comprehensive solution to analyse your videos whether it is to enhance security or enable proactive and focused business decisions by collecting metadata or measuring well-being. Our solution processes, analyses and displays real-time alerts and in-depth analytics such as crowd gatherings, which can help to ensure security and prevent negative behaviour from occurring and spreading.

The key features are custom LIVE alerts and STATS connected to the MAP, which displays the results immediately. An aggregated cartographic view ensures an easy, quick and efficient way of studying data, noticing the important changes and cutting-down reaction time.

We would like to thank our business partners and organizations that have supported us since the beginning especially BPIfrance, Région Grand-Est, CCI Moselle Métropole Metz, Inspire Metz and Synergie CEEI.

Two-i: know more than you see

The purpose of Two-i MAP is to enable proactive decision making and reduce response time. The Solution taking traditional CCTV monitoring and transforming into multi-functional platform, allowing the users to be not only more proactive, but preventative as well.

Two-i aims at bringing a breakthrough in the field of Smart Cities by combining Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence to provide a cost-effective, real-time tool for alerting of potential risks as well as determining variables affecting citizens. Having a real-time and proactive tool that monitors the whole city on topics such as security, intrusion, traffic flow, garbage disposal, citizens’ well-being is a game changer for city management. Forecasting trends, like we do, helps the city management to anticipate and to reduce the friction among the population.

With a CCTV network of IP cameras and highly efficient Deep Learning CNN-based methods, Two-i allows its users to detect, analyse, and identify what’s important instantly, by gathering and aggregating meta data from all connected cameras in the user’s network. Such data can be mixed with external sources to enhance the pertinence of the results.



Milipol Paris is the world’s leading event on Homeland Security and Safety, organized under the aegis of the French Ministry of the Interior in partnership...

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